Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I'm still upright & breathing!

I dont' know if anyone is still following here, but I felt it was time to start posting here again.  It's been over 4 years since my last post here & I won't go into details about what's been happening since my last post.  Let's just say it's time to get my act together again & start training to get in shape to control my Type 2 diabetes.  This blog is mainly for me to post my status as I try to get into good shape for the Tour de Cure here in Atlanta towards the end of May 2014.  My goal is to have my weight down to at least 180 lbs.  I currently weigh 205.  My first target is to try to be down to 190 by my 51st birthday on March 5, 2014.  If I manage to be below 180 by Tour de Cure, that's great.  I've started seriously training again earlier this week.  I have been doing on the bike workouts using my rollers & my fluid trainer depending on the specific workout scheduled.  I also have been doing a light strength workout routine using my Bowflex Extreme.  I don't plan on getting huge up top, just want to tone up so I won't be using large amount of weight.  I also have been starting the Cyclo-Core & Cyclo-Zen workouts again.  I would eventually like to get Cyclo90, but that will have to wait till I have the extra money.  I forgot how challenging the Cyclo-Core workouts can be seeing as it's been quite some time since I have done any of them.  I am staying somewhat in my comfort zone until my body acclimates to the exercises once again.  I hope that will only be a couple of weeks.  After that, it's full gas with the workouts.  I have told other family members that I'm tired of having my time to workout interruped & that I am doing this for my health.  I don't want to end up having open heart surgery like my father had to have years ago.  I also don't want my Type 2 diabetes to turn into Type 1.  I am going to do what I have to do to regain control of it & lose the weight I need to lose.  My long range goal is to lose the weight & being racing in 2015.  I saw a saying somewhere & I have adopted it for my mantra.  It goes like this

If it's important, you'll find a way, if not you'll find an excuse.

Well I am tired of making excuses for not taking better care of myself.  I want to be around when my youngest granddaughter at least graduates from high school if not college.  I will try to post at least weekly & post my status of my challenges.  If anyone is reading this I hope you will leave a comment or that my struggles will encourage you to take a challenge & change your life & health for the better.