Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lost again....

I know this post is late, but I got on the scale this past Monday & the scale said 208 lbs. I lost .8 lbs last week for a total of 3.2 lbs total for the past 3 weeks. Over the weekend I had 2 good rides. I was able to do just short of 40 miles of Saturday. The ride was great & the weather matched the ride. On Sunday I was able to ride with a friend. We did about another 40 miles, but we did 3 10 minute medium/hard efforts. My legs felt pretty good after the ride. Monday was a hill ride. I really need to work on my climbing. It hurt going up hill. I'm going to try to get more hill climbing this weekend if the weather co-operates. I've been checking out the new format of Cyclo-Club & like it so far. I'm going to work on a week's workout this coming week to see how the new format works for me. Thanks for reading.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sore & tired legs!!!!!!!

I have 2 tired & sore legs from the past 2 days. Yesterday was a pyramd workout. I've done them before, but this one had a twist to it. Once I got to the 5 minutes hard, instead of dropping down to 4 minutes, I had to do 2 more 5 minutes hard with 5 minutes rest. I was able to get down to the 2 minute interval on the way down, but when I put it in the big ring, my mind said let's go, but my legs said heck no. I ended up just cruising the rest of the way home. This morning was a commute to work, my legs actually felt pretty good on the ride in. The ride home from work was just as good, my legs felt good on the bike. Once I got home, I switched bikes & did a mock sprint workout. That consisted of 10 sets of 15 seconds out of the saddle with 2 minutes rest in between. My legs are certainly feeling it today. I'm glad tomorrow is an easy day. Thanks to Graeme for the Cyclo in 5 series, it's a life saver.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Losing more of me

I got on the scale again first thing this morning & the scale read 208.8 lbs. That's another 1.2 lbs gone this week for a total of 2.4 lbs lost. I was able to watch what I ate most of the week, but at the end of the week I was out of town & it made it harder to choose good things to eat. I made sure I didn't go overboard with what I chose to eat. I was able to ride Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday last week. I also used the Warm in 5 & Cool in 5 before & after each workout. I had to ride the trainer for an hour today due to rain that was just coming down too hard to ride in, that & I didn't feel like spending hours cleaning the bike & drying out my shoes & helmet from riding in the rain. I need to incorporate the Core & Core Advanced in 5 during the week, just to help out with strengthing the core muscles. I'm looking foward to a better week weather wise & getting able to get outdoors and ride more. The on the bike workout schedule this week is going to be a hard one. I know I'll be feeling it, but it will make me stronger in the long run. Thanks for reading.......

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lost this week

I got on the scale this morning & my weight was 210.0 lbs. I lost 1.2 lbs this week. It's a good start to getting back on track. This afternoon the weather was great & I was able to get out & ride. I got in a good 23+ miles today. I started with the Cyclo in 5 Warm program, then went out riding. After the ride I cooled down using Cyclo in 5 Cool program. My legs actually felt better than I thought they would. I was able to do a few steady efforts & it was encouraging to see how I felt. I did register for the Tour de Cure & now it's just a matter of training & fundraising for the ride. I really enjoy this ride. I had to miss it last year & I felt bad about it. I decided that I wasn't going to miss it this year. Tomorrow the workout will be challenging, but I'll manage to somehow survive. I'm glad the time change has taken affect, I'll be able to get out & do the workouts instead of having to do them indoors. Thanks for reading.

Monday, March 2, 2009

A new week

Here we go, off to a good start to a new week. I got on the scale first thing this morning & my weight was 211.2. I have a goal to be under 200 lbs by May 17th for the Tour de Cure. I rode the trainer today for an hour, just spinning my legs, getting back into the flow of things. I used Cyclo in 5 Warm before the ride & then used the Cool after the ride. I'm hoping to be able to stay with my workout schedule this week & even throw in some commuting this week for the extra miles. We'll just have to see how the week unfolds. Thanks for reading......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life & other things

I know it's been quite a long bit of time since my last post, but life just has a way of taking good plans & throwing monkey wrenches in them whenever it can. I've been out of town for work & thought that the hotel I was staying in would have at least a stationary bike to ride, but that was one of life's monkey wrenches. All they had were 2 treadmills & an eliptical trainer. I brought along a small dvd player & the Core & Zen dvd's to workout, but once again, another monkey wrench. The buttons of the dvd player had been covered with something & were either sticking or not working at all, so needless to say I got no workouts in at all that week out of town. Last week I was able to learn to ride rollers & actually used them one day for an hour. Riding rollers is a harder workout than using a fluid trainer. I rode for only an hour, but I was totally exhausted after that hour. I was able to do 20.2 miles in that hour & only had to touch the walls twice while reaching for a water bottle. I'm going to try to ride the rollers at least twice a week & get better on them. I'm also going to start posting my weight each Monday to keep me accountable on watching what I'm eating. I hope that this will help me watch what I eat & will help me get my weight under control. I'm hoping that I will hear from people that read this blog for support on my good weeks or get on my case for not sticking with things. I have a scale so each Monday night I will post my weight & the following week will have the amount of weight I've either lost or gained. Thanks to everyone who reads this blog & thanks for all your support.